Mindful Movements To Offer EXCLUSIVE SPINPOWER® Program In September

Spin Power Program

EXCLUSIVE PROGRAM to the MIDWEST – located ONLY at Mindful Movements Studio in Fort Wayne, IN
BRAND NEW Spinner® Blade ION™ bikes with one-of-a-kind true and precise measurement of ‘real effort’ plus a constant display of biometric feedback during every ride
SCIENCE-BASED TRAINING PRINCIPLES for individual weight loss, fitness and performance goals
INDIVIDUALIZED TRAINING PROGRAMS using the Personal Spinning Threshold (PST) Test and Spinpower Zones
HIGH-QUALITY, POWER-ORIENTED Spinning® classes built around effective, individualized program design and post-ride data analysis
STATE-OF-THE-ART SilentSafari® wireless headsets with volume control allowing mental focus and an optimal workout
HIGHLY-TRAINED AND EXPERIENCED Spinning®-certified instructors who will be able to measure, track, evaluate and maximize YOUR progress