How to Join Us for a Zoom Class

Steps to take to sign up for a zoom class.

  1. Download our app.
  2. Select the class you wish to attend.
  3. Purchase the appropriate class package for your needs.
  4. A Zoom link will be texted to your phone 30-60 minutes before class start time.
  5. Prepare a space to move, bring water and any props needed for class.
  6. When you click the link, you will enter the zoom “waiting room.” Our instructors will allow you in a few minutes before class begins.

Need help setting up your classes?  Please contact us via text/email to set up a 15-minute consultation with one of our instructors.  We will talk you through the setup and troubleshoot your camera angles to get the best results during a live class.

How to set up a mini “Mindful Movements” at home

If you are committed to the Mindful Movements method of using Pilates-inspired movement throughout your life and want to set up a home studio to follow us live or use our on-demand library, here is what we can recommend.  However, all our live classes are designed for anyone to follow along with absolutely no equipment.


A TRX suspension strap is a perfect home addition to your home studio.  Use this link to receive 10% off your order.


We use the bellicon brand in our studio. However, you can use any rebounder on the market.  Our bellicons are 44 inches with strong bungees.  You can purchase a bellicon through this link.


We offer all Melt products used in our studio classes, which will save you shipping and handling charges from ordering online.  We will gladly deliver you any equipment you need for our classes.


While you do not need any equipment for this class, it is nice to have a sturdy barre to help balance, posture, and support some of the moves.  One of the home barres we love is the Booty Kicker 

We also recommend that you have a small ball which can be purchased at any retail store, and 1-2-pound weights (which small soup cans work well too).