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Pilates Foundations Program: A Holistic Approach to Core Strength and Well-Being

Embark on a Pilates journey tailored for beginners, focusing on enhancing core strength to transform the way you feel in your body, move daily, and engage in exercise. This comprehensive program, spanning over 6 weeks, is designed to cater to individuals seeking a gradual and transformative experience.  Key Benefits: This Course is Ideal for You If: What You Will Gain: Whether you are new to Pilates or aiming to refine your skills, this gradual program is led by expert instructors with a profound understanding of Pilates and its application to diverse bodies. Join us on this transformative journey, building skills […]


5 Myths About Pilates

5 Common Myths About Pilates There are many misconceptions about what Pilates is and who Pilates is for. Pilates is a broad word for what pilates can mean for you and your lifestyle goals. Pilates can and should be part of a healthy lifestyle, whether you practice regularly or use it as a small part of your weekly fitness routine. Personally, everything I do in my fitness routine is based off the Pilates principles. Some common myths about Pilates. 1. Pilates Is For Woman and DancersPilates was originally developed by a man, Joseph Pilates, who devoloped his program for a […]


Fitness For Men: Recapturing the Past or Preparing For The Future? – Mike Stone


Three exercises to improve your balance

Balance is “an even weight distribution enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady.”  One of the most common questions is, “how can I improve my balance?”  That is a simple question with a complex answer. Our unique human body has a vestibular system, vision, and proprioception to keep us upright and stable. This is amazing because if we didn’t have these systems all working in harmony day after day, we would fall over every day and never be able to get up and navigate the world. Many factors affecting these systems can affect our balance. A few factors […]


Join us for our Bring a Friend and Get Rewards program

At Mindful Movements, our studio is more than a place to work out. Instead, it’s a destination where we all can focus on enhancing the lifestyle that will help us live an active, balanced, and peaceful life. Our knowledgeable instructors teach you low-impact exercises that help reduce knee or back discomfort. We work with clients so our bodies can age “gracefully” to live a more productive and happier life. To help celebrate the lifestyle that connects our body, mind, and spirit through coordinated movements and to encourage others along our journey, we are introducing a new Mindful Movements program called […]


How it all began — celebrating Mindful Movements 20th anniversary

I was a young mom with two girls.  I was involved in fitness and cycling in some capacity.  I taught group fitness classes to stay fit and make extra money while staying at home with my children. Pilates entered my world in the late ’90s as a new workout fad that promised a “stronger fitter core,” and I was all for that.  While I was fit and taught 15 to 17 group classes a week, I always had some sort of “pain.”  I had plantar fasciitis and could barely take the first few steps in the morning.  I had a […]


Instructors of pilates studio Mindful Movements

Congratulations to our instructor’s certifications

At Mindfulmovements Pilates, we would like to congratulate our instructors who took time this past year to continue their education and earn new certifications. We set a high standard for our instructors’ education and the quality of teaching for our clients. Mary Alison Mary has completed certification from Mindful Movements Pilates School to train all the Pilates apparatus fully.  She spent over 500 hours in lectures, self-study, observation, student teaching, and now taking her clients.  Julie Ervin Julie completed the Pilates Suspension Method® and is the first fully certified instructor in Indiana!  The Pilates Suspension Method (PSM) combines traditional and […]


Student of pilates program Mindful Movements doing a stretch

An exciting new STRETCH program coming to Mindful Movements

Stretching has been practiced for millennia in various forms. Stretching equipment has also been used for centuries because it is well known that when the body is gently supported, it releases. It’s called “positional release.” The StretchFit approach uses modern equipment to target specific muscles and facilitates maximum support and relaxation in each stretch. You can’t get it wrong, and you can’t feel silly because it’s focused and easy. It’s a stretch experience like no other. You’ll feel like a well-oiled machine again! • Everybody needs to stretch and be able to do so affordably. Thus, Stretchfit® creator Anthony Lett […]


Student being instructed by staff member at pilates studio Mindful Movements

Mindful Movements Announces New Pilates Teacher Training School to begin in April

After 20 years in business, Mindful Movement launches the Mindful Movements Pilates Teacher Training School.  This course is an entire comprehensive 500+ hour training school for individuals who want to pursue a career in teaching Pilates or for the enthusiast who wants to know more about movement. The training begins with a Pilates Mat Certification. Pilates Mat takes about 110 hours to complete. Movement fundamentals, functional anatomy, and detailed instruction on how to teach each of the classic Pilates mat moves will be covered in this course. This course is a prerequisite for full comprehensive apparatus training. The second module […]


Students stretching at pilates studio Mindful Movements

Try Adding These Stretches To An Exercise Routine To Help Prevent Back Pain

There can be many causes of back pain.  However, back pain that comes on after movement or after a night’s sleep may be because your muscles are short and tight.  Simple stretches can be incorporated into any routine to help back pain.  Benefits of Stretching: • Increases flexibility • Increases range of motion around a joint • Helps heal and prevent back pain • Provides stress relief and has a calming effect on the body • Can help you fall asleep faster and improved quality of sleep There are many forms of stretching.  However, just doing about 5-6 stretches for […]