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Pilates Foundations Program: A Holistic Approach to Core Strength and Well-Being

Embark on a Pilates journey tailored for beginners, focusing on enhancing core strength to transform the way you feel in your body, move daily, and engage in exercise. This comprehensive program, spanning over 6 weeks, is designed to cater to individuals seeking a gradual and transformative experience.  Key Benefits: This Course is Ideal for You If: What You Will Gain: Whether you are new to Pilates or aiming to refine your skills, this gradual program is led by expert instructors with a profound understanding of Pilates and its application to diverse bodies. Join us on this transformative journey, building skills […]


5 Myths About Pilates

5 Common Myths About Pilates There are many misconceptions about what Pilates is and who Pilates is for. Pilates is a broad word for what pilates can mean for you and your lifestyle goals. Pilates can and should be part of a healthy lifestyle, whether you practice regularly or use it as a small part of your weekly fitness routine. Personally, everything I do in my fitness routine is based off the Pilates principles. Some common myths about Pilates. 1. Pilates Is For Woman and DancersPilates was originally developed by a man, Joseph Pilates, who devoloped his program for a […]