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Five benefits of BarreAmped® exercises with Mindful Movements

Barre exercise is everywhere and growing in popularity every year. Barre exercise offers a multitude of benefits: Better alignment of your body strengthens your abdominals, hips, and gluteals.  The isometric nature and small movements of most exercises allow for a low impact strength program that is safe for joints and most populations. The stretches elongate muscles and give a “toned and fit” look to your body in a short period of time. When your core is stronger, it allows for a more stable pelvis, which helps all the joints in your body and a better posture. A 2020 study investigated […]


Starting off with the basics — neutral pelvis

In all of our Mindful Movement programs, there is a common theme of a neutral pelvis.  We believe strongly in protecting and honoring the natural curves of your spine.  Keeping a neutral spine protects the integrity of the body’s alignment for optimal movement of your body.  When you have a neutral pelvis, every joint can be optimal for equal distribution of force through your entire body. It makes your body as efficient as it can be while you are moving.  Learning where your pelvis is and how to carry it in your everyday activities will help you improve your function, […]